Straightforward, affordable and competitive pricing

Laser tattoo removal at Nova Lux is affordable and competitive. We offer consultations for a low fee that will be applied to your first session if you decide to proceed with treatment.  Our skin experts assess your tattoo during your consultation to determine the treatment cost based on your tattoo’s size.

The number of treatments needed varies depending on your tattoo’s age, size, depth, skin color, pre-existing scarring, and other features.

Most clients require a minimum of 5 to 10 treatments or more for complete tattoo removal. Clients interested in fading an existing tattoo for a cover-up or removing an already faded tattoo may require fewer treatments. Laser treatments are spaced 6 to 8 weeks apart to allow your skin to heal and your immune system to fade as much ink as possible before the next session.

Pricing guidelines are outlined below:

  • XSmall (up to 1×1”) $100 per session
  • Small (up to 2×2”) $150 per session
  • Medium (up to 4×4”) $250 per session
  • Large (up to 6×6”)  $350 per session
  • XLarge Starting at $500 per session.

These are guidelines. To receive a customized quote, please schedule a consultation!

Clients can also save more by purchasing a treatment package or taking advantage of our discounts. Packages must be paid in full before starting treatment.  Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for the latest promotions!

Treatment Packages and  Discounts

  • Refer a friend and you both receive $20 off your next treatment.
  • Active military members or veterans save 10% with proof of identification
  • Free removal of cancer radiation markers with physician consent
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