Why choosing where to go for laser tattoo removal treatment is important!

There are surprisingly few regulations on who can actually fire a laser in the state of Michigan, but one thing the law is very clear on is that firing a laser is considered the practice of medicine, and must be delegated by a physician.  Why is this important?  A lot of salons and other facilities offering this service don’t have a physician on staff to delegate! Unfortunately, literally anyone can buy a shiny laser and go to town. Don’t get us wrong, lasers are generally safe, but only if the person handling it knows what they are doing, and how it affects the skin. Education and experience go a long way in this case!

When choosing a clinic for your tattoo removal needs, make sure to ask questions!

Is there a licensed medical doctor on staff?  What is the technician’s clinical background?  Does the technician have experience with lasers or other medical procedures?  How long did the technician train for? Is there someone available after-hours for questions related to the procedure?

At Nova Lux Laser Clinic, our technician is a nurse practitioner with years of relevant and hands-on experience in the medical field.  We also have a physician on our staff, who oversees every patient’s treatment and after-care plan to ensure the best possible outcome. We stay up-to-date with advances in laser technology, research and evidenced-based protocols for the highest success rates.

It’s your skin, let the experts handle it!

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